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    New rumors about the Samsung
    Galaxy S9 foreseeable long term: the novelty will arrive once again the very good prior slot for MicroSD memory cards, from which the producer has refused for the sixth S. line product and some other specifics.

    Allow us start off with support for MicroSD memory cards. It is recognized that in 2017, producers commenced to massively abandon help for memory enjoying cards in smartphones, with this "condition" experienced particularly frequent models, and Samsung was one certain of the "pioneers" of failure of MicroSD. In standard, it should to be said that Apple has from the outset did not enter into the Apple apple iphone help for extra memory taking part in playing cards, or anything. Nonetheless, in between the fans of Android-mostly primarily based devices, this approach has induced well-liked discontent.

    The explanation for discontent is distinctive – to place in programs designed 32 GB adequate over the roof, and for the media material you can place the MicroSD card at minimum 200 gigabytes. Undoubtedly the producers knowledgeable hoped that the rejection of the MicroSD slot will generate revenue of a whole lot a lot more dear variants with a massive volume of inner storage, but earnings encounter has proven that it is not. In the situation of Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge + and Galaxy Note 4 Koreans usually refused to start versions with 128 GB considering that they purchased inadequately.